Save The Dates Setting The Scene For Your Special Event

Understanding what Save The Dates are and the important information that goes on them is the first step to planning a successful event!  Read on to learn more about Save The Dates.


Save The Date Meaning


Save the dates act as an official announcement of the date and location of your wedding.  Importantly, they are also the first official notification your guests will get that they are invited to your big day.

Is save the date only for weddings?


No, save the dates are not only for weddings. Click the link below for other occasions where you would need a Save The Date.

What to say on save the dates?


What to include on your Save The Date: 1. The name of the couple 2. The Date of the event 3. The Location of the event 4. It is important to let your guests know that a formal invitation will follow later

Click the link below to see all 6 items to include on your Save The Dates

Does the bride name go first on Save the Dates?


It is tradition to have the bride's name go first on the save the date but it is a personal preference.

Does save the date mean you're invited?

Generally, if you are sent a save the date card to an event then you can assume you are invited to the event.  However, in reality, the save the date card doesn't necessarily mean that you get to go to the event.

Click the link below to find out why.

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Save The Dates can be a daunting first task, but it shouldn’t be.