Let's Talk (Or Text) About It! 20 Texting Abbreviations You Need To Know

You can't get by today without texting and learning when to text and when to talk is important. Check out these texting tips and learn twenty of the most popular acronyms today for texting, Snapchat, Instagram, and more. 


Why do we text instead of talk?

Many times it just comes down to the fact that we lead such busy lives. We want to stay connected to our friends and family, but we actually don't have the time in the day to sit down and make that phone call.

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What are the disadvantages of texting?

When we can't hear someone's voice or the tone in which they say different words, it can lead to misunderstanding and hurt feelings.

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What are the pros of texting?

We can instantly get our message to someone exactly at the time we think it and not have to worry about remembering it for a later phone call. There are also some business advantages to texting and it can help us stay connected with co-workers and clients.

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20 popular texting abbreviations you'll want to know.


What does snd mean in text?

If someone says "snd," you can assume that means they are saying "sound." Sound is a slang term that means "cool," "fine, or "nice." For example, "her new boyfriend is so snd."

What does stg mean in text?

The acronym "stg" means "swear to God". This is a way that one would express that they are being absolutely truthful. " I stg I didn't go out with him last week."

What does smd mean in text?

If someone says "smd" you can be assured that they are meaning it in a rude way. This acronym generally stands for the insult "suck my d**k."

What does wym mean in text?

This acronym is usually used if you want to express misunderstanding or need clarification. It is short for "what you mean?" and literally takes the place of the expression "what do you mean?"

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