July Birthdays: Zodiac Sign and Stone

Do you have a July birthday?  Learn what the Zodiac Sign and Zodiac Stone are for every day in July.

A zodiac is an imaginary belt in the sky that creates the path for the sun, moon, and planets. A Zodiac contains 12 constellations, which people refer to as the signs of the zodiac.

What's  a Zodiac?

The constellations are what people are talking about when they speak about their star sign, zodiac sign, or “sign”.


The Cancer symbol is the Crab. Cancer zodiac qualities are sensitive, compassionate, self-protective, and loving.

Cancer is the zodiac sign that starts the month of July.

The Leo symbol is the Lion. Leo people usually have major qualities in compassion,  big-heartedness, consciousness, motivation, and leadership

The zodiac sign Leo ends the month of July. 

If you were born in July, click the link below to find out what your Zodiac Sign is and your Zodiac Stone!