"Can I Text My Boss?"   Common Questions About Texting In the Workplace

Texting is a good way of communicating professionally and building your business. Here we answer some common questions and show you twenty acronyms that everyone should know before using text or Snapchat. 


Is it okay to text in the workplace?

Texting is becoming more and more accepted in workplace environments. In fact, a recent study showed that 80% of professionals use texting for business purposes.

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Are there any rules for texting in the workplace?

When it comes to texting your friends and significant other, the rules are far and few in-between. But in a business setting, it can be a different story.

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20 popular texting terms you should know before communicating through text


What does bet mean in texting?

"Bet" is basically a shortened form of "you bet!" It means that you are agreeing with something or saying "for sure!"

What does dwu mean in text?

This acronym means "don't wait up," and lets others know to carry on without you.

What does hm mean in texting?

If you say someone, or something, is "hm," you are implying that they are "high-maintenance" and you just don't have the time to deal with it right now.

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